About Marie

As an Italian-American girl who grew up on the Jersey shore, it’s in my genes to express myself passionately. When I find something really good, I tell everyone and their sister about it.

Whether it’s a life-changing movie, life-changing pizza, or a must-read book, I shout about it from the rooftops.

About 10 years ago, I stumbled upon some relationship (and life) wisdom that completely rocked my world. In a very short amount of time, my life went from OK to totally frickin’ amazing.

My relationships, career, wealth and well-being all got major upgrades faster and easier than I ever thought possible. This was quite a shock given I’d spent many years, boatloads of money and much angst seriously trying to improve myself. Can you relate?

Piles of self-help books. Hours of therapy. Rah rah workshops. Journal writing, meditation, affirmations, and goal lists. You name it. I tried it. Many times. Problem was that none of it worked.

What’s funny is that even though it looked like I had it together on the outside, inside I was a train wreck.

I wasn’t making the kind of money I wanted. When it came to my career, I was like a hamster on a wheel. Frenetically busy, yet getting nowhere.

I always felt an inner sense of dissatisfaction and fear. And when it came to men, I kept dating the same wrong guy over and over again.

I even went so far as to get engaged to one and had to break it off before the wedding.

I felt frustrated, confused and like a total failure. Ironically, I was a trained life coach. So clearly, it was time for some major “retooling.”

That broken engagement was a real turning point for me. I knew in my heart the answers to love and life were out there, and that I just needed to find it.

Thankfully, I was right.

Once I learned the simple, yet profound wisdom I share in Make Every Man Want You, a light bulb went on inside me and all the darkness, confusion, anxiety and frustration disappeared…like, for good.

And quite quickly I might add. Because I was finally operating with the right information, everything that was previously so baffling to me just clicked into place.

Because of a few simple, yet profound “inner shifts,” I found passion and direction in my work, I began making a lot more money, and I was relating more authentically to my friends and family.

But here’s the most important part. While the shift in career and money is fabulous, what I’m most grateful for is how this information allowed me to find the man and relationship of my dreams.

This powerful wisdom opened the door for the incredible relationship I now have with my favorite person on the planet, Josh. It allowed me to be available to meet him, it allowed me to be with him. And for him to be with me.

And it’s what you need if you want an amazing relationship, too.

Which is exactly why I wrote Make Every Man Want You.

I wanted to share what I believe is the most simple, easiest and frankly the BEST information on the planet for having healthy, satisfying relationships and an overall rockin’ life.

Make no mistake: This stuff is SO GOOD that for me, keeping it a secret would be a crime.